You'll Never Love Me Like I Do (GXG) (completed)

You'll Never Love Me Like I Do (GXG) (completed)

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D.R. / Demented Being / Didi By DiDi_XD Completed

Have you ever been in love with a straight girl? I am.

Dina is in love with her straight friend Samara. The only one who knows this is her best friend Dana. Dana moves to where Dina lives and tries her best to get Dina to tell Samara the truth.

But what happens when Dana starts having feelings she shouldn't be having?

---This is a girlxgirl story. Don't read this if you're uncomfortable---

Justbriting Justbriting Jun 20
That's the same thing I question myself when my crush get close to me and hug me and you know the Type of shits that straight girls like to do, laying against your chest, while saying"I love you so much, I feel so safe here between your arms, sister" SIKE 😬
Samara is the name of the dead girl in the ring movie..... creepy
Tylerht Tylerht 6 days ago
Are this sequel to any story? I love to read the first story if there is any
pdrummer pdrummer Aug 07
ive always wanted to be a straight guy getting loadsa pussy, in reality im a chubby bitch with a vag. still waiting for my dreams to come true.
BloodyRedRuby BloodyRedRuby Jul 16, 2016
I just started reading and I already feel so connected with this story, it feels like its going to be a good one !
KaryBraxton KaryBraxton Aug 02, 2016
I mean......The title.......