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"What's your name." He whispers causing her to shiver.

"Trinity." She mumbles afraid of what's to become.

"Well Trinity, here's the deal. Either you come with me and keep my wolf happy, or I will declare war between my pack, BloodMoon, and your pack. I'm sure we know who will win." He smirks at her wide eyes.

"Your from the B-BloodMoon Pack?" His mate stutters.

"No sweetheart, I'm Grayson from StateFarm." Trinity bowed her head in submission realizing she was before an Alpha. The Alpha gently lift her fragile face.

"Do we have a deal?" He growls, knowing the answer.

"Yes." She whimpers.

The disrespect is real dont disrespect your mama like that. She a fuking brat ima stuff some of that coco puffs down her throat
Guys I hurt myself so bad, I fell up the stairs and rolled my ankle
If i ever slam my door my mama would break thru it and throw me of my balcony after beating my ass
She's so spoiled, will her personality change later on in the story? I might quit this story because if characters like her
sometimes i just have to question why several people comment on the most irrelevant parts of books on wattpad, but then - here i am ,,,
richresa_77 richresa_77 Nov 16
I'm changing the numbers  #667....
                              Than to me😂😂😂😂😂