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He is all that I long for yet
All I am forbidden to have.
I am his weakness.
the person he hates.
He is beautiful, hand crafted by the Gods
Given the strength of a thousand men
Given a heart made of iron and
Barricaded with stone.

He is feared.
He is Demetre

#7th in Vampire

#book1 in the eternal series

ShelbyWinds ShelbyWinds Aug 19
like it. just noticed one mistake shon should be spelled shone.
Something just fell in my room and I put my phone down and got up so quick like noooo not today ghosts
If I took notice of the sun and looked at it for minutes: Hell,please bring me to the hospital
                              If I looked at the moon who gave enough light at dark: You're so beautiful,  my eyes..,  bring me a male moon—bet it like you, too
Nancyjada1 Nancyjada1 Aug 30
We got poets in the HOUSE! Can you give me a what WHAT😂😂😅 this is awkward as f😔
he is the cupcake I am the ugly muffin, he is the cake ,I am the broccoli, he is the McDonald's I am taco bell he is DEMETRE!!! *dramatically exits*
Bruh, i'd pick the moon, stars or galaxies over the sun anyday..