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Everylittlebook By Silentlydreaming Completed

He is all that I long for yet
All I am forbidden to have.
I am his weakness.
the person he hates.
He is beautiful, hand crafted by the Gods
Given the strength of a thousand men
Given a heart made of iron and
Barricaded with stone.

He is feared.
He is Demetre

#7th in Vampire

#book1 in the eternal series

ShelbyWinds ShelbyWinds Aug 19, 2016
like it. just noticed one mistake shon should be spelled shone.
WinterWidowislife WinterWidowislife Oct 07, 2016
Something just fell in my room and I put my phone down and got up so quick like noooo not today ghosts
Ifrit_Power Ifrit_Power Aug 30, 2016
We got poets in the HOUSE! Can you give me a what WHAT😂😂😅 this is awkward as f😔
rachaelgenis rachaelgenis Aug 02, 2016
he is the cupcake I am the ugly muffin, he is the cake ,I am the broccoli, he is the McDonald's I am taco bell he is DEMETRE!!! *dramatically exits*
Angel-with-no-Halo Angel-with-no-Halo Sep 19, 2016
Bruh, i'd pick the moon, stars or galaxies over the sun anyday..
WinterWidowislife WinterWidowislife Oct 07, 2016
I have so many books to read in my library and I already started SOME but then I stop because they're too bad or too cringy or too adorable so here I am I doubt I'll finish this book