Kiss My Scars [Daryl Dixon]

Kiss My Scars [Daryl Dixon]

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Your life comes in a burst of light and heartache of loss.

Lorna Grimes is suffering the loss of her half older brother, Rick, as she and her nephew, sister in law along with her other half older brother; Shane Walsh; fleeing the city full of her broken memories. And soon connecting with other survivors.

Lorna drifts into despair, until she discovers her amazing talent with handling guns and becomes one of the most fierce survivors of not only the Grimes family but of the group. But of course not without the help of Daryl Dixon along the way.

Lorna and Daryl first start out on a bumpy road but after awhile and despite Lorna being only fifteen years old; the pair begin to develop these feelings for each other that may just so happen to be hard for the both of them to share.

❝You're not going to miss me.❞

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Amthyst_Crow1102 Amthyst_Crow1102 Jul 19, 2016
She's fifteen?! Ain't Daryl like 30 or 40 something?! Gross! That's like dating your dad! 😱😖
Boondock_saints_ Boondock_saints_ Feb 21, 2016
It's a good book but I don't like the name but u know what they say ' don't juge a book by it's cover' again great book
SimplyUnsane SimplyUnsane Jul 14, 2016
I'm confused. Are Rick and Shane BOTH her brothers...orrr....?
Nightturned Nightturned Oct 22, 2015
Dude, Lori' s emotions are mad, annoyed, worry, shock, and sad. but I like this.
dewitts dewitts Jul 31, 2015
so she's half Walsh and half Grimes. like Shane's mother got with Rick's dad vice versa?
melioristx melioristx Jul 22, 2015
I clicked on the new update and it bright me here and I thought Rick actually died I almost had a heart attack haha