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Hetalia x Bullied!reader

Hetalia x Bullied!reader

37.2K Reads 1.5K Votes 14 Part Story
Hetalia-fangirl-neko By Hetalia-fangirl-neko Updated Oct 18, 2016

With eight new students at your school will you finally find the friends and help you need? 
Warning, may contain tears!

ZumTheCinnamonRoll ZumTheCinnamonRoll Nov 19, 2016
Bish I'm I'm no garbage can, I'm a trash can GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT
XxMonomi_ChanxX XxMonomi_ChanxX May 30, 2016
Its not Wang its Yao bit all works :) also... HOW DID U MISS A GARBAGE CAN I MEAN IT'S RIGHT THERE No offense me XD
jinetics jinetics Jun 08, 2016
My father's not dead. But I wished he was. And if someone actually said that to me, I swear I will killed them.
rvsame rvsame Jun 13, 2016
Ah the wild protagonist acting like it naturally does in its habitat
FAB_otaku_GIRL FAB_otaku_GIRL May 14, 2016
If they are teachers and hated a student for no reason, how did they even got the job? Isn't it their responsibility for the students?! Ugh! Life...
deathby-anime deathby-anime Oct 07, 2016
Oh please. I'm a dumpster. If you're gonna insult me, do it right.