Trapped ( Taken Down For Publishing )

Trapped ( Taken Down For Publishing )

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Liyaah By QueenLiyaah Completed

Tiana Summers 20 & , Jacquees Broadnax 21 

" Just let the world know about us I'm tired of being a secret " , She said

" They know that your my assistant and honestly that's all they need to know " , He said

" I was your girlfriend before i was your assistant remember that ? " , She asked 

" Look fuck all that behind close doors it's me and you but in front of the world when i go on stage It's Jacquees & Justine " , He said 

" You kiss her on stage you feel on her you guys even have sex in hotels at times and I'm tired of letting my man be with another woman " , She shouted

" You ain't got no choice in this honestly " , He said and walked out to prepare for his show 

He's right , I don't have a choice . I'm trapped being the girl that lives in his shadow , Trapped being his assistant & Trapped watching them fall in love right in front of my eyes.

Will i ever be free ?

Cover By @yeadoee_

All Rights Reserved 


RRMarieXCarleanBlack RRMarieXCarleanBlack Mar 22, 2016
See knowing my ass I would have just get in and drive off rather if he on it or not.
jaileebabe jaileebabe Dec 13, 2015
I like you as a person you're one of the few authors who actually care