Him (BWWM)

Him (BWWM)

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My name is Jonae Destiny Davis. I'm 18 years old. I live with my four siblings and both of my parents. August (20 years old) , Will (19 years old) , Ashley (17 years old) , and Jade (16 years old). Just so happen that my dad got relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. 

This means a couple of things:

-moving away from my friends
-new house
-new school
-new people
-and who knows what else

All I know is that when we get there I hope it's better then New York City. For once I'm actually glad we're moving because I never liked it here. It's a little to busy for me. Even thought crime is everywhere. I just don't feel safe here. I feel like something or someone is missing...

My name is Colton Johnson. I'm 18 years old. I live with my two siblings and my mom. Abigail and Benjamin are twins. They are both 16 years old. Abby is stuck up while Ben is laid back. My mom is always at work since my dad died ten years ago. Nobody knows about my dad expect for my best friends David and Luke. All the girls at my school fall at my feet.
The thing is that I'm don't want them. 

I want a girl with color, a figure, and a nice personality. None of the girls here fall in all three categories. I'll have to work with what I have, but why do I have this feeling that somethings is about to happen.

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