Inlove with my Brother

Inlove with my Brother

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crazyAboutYouShawn By crazyAboutYouShawn Updated Feb 18, 2015

Ariana is an 10y old girl thats lives with her aunt,  her parents died a few months ago. She has an older brother Chris from 11but he lives with the grandparents.they were never aloud to be together because they were to young. But they kept in contact trough the phone.

After 6 years of whining the Aunt of Ariana finally lets her move back in with her brother. When Ariana sees Chris for the first time in 6 years in her eyes she saw a handsome boy with shiney green eyes, pierced ears .. She knew she loved him when she was 10, but now... She fell inlove with him. 

Does Chris feels the same way about her? Will he ever find out the feelings of Ari? 

WARNING : [ Dirty | Sexual | ] If you dont wanna read? fine then dont! Its my first story!