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Alma By YouCanCallMeAl Updated Nov 23, 2014

When Melanie Deveraux is called into her father's office, the last thing she expects to walk into is an arranged marriage to the infamously ruthless Cole Grey. Melanie hadn't expected the man who is told to be without a heart to be so heart beat haltingly gorgeous, with an arsenal of charm. But still she wonders, is that enough to build a happily ever after on? Her father proposes an alliance to keep the peace between her pack and Cole's. An alliance formed by an arranged marriage.  Suddenly, Melanie finds herself being catapulted into a decision that has the potential to make or break two-hundred years of peace between packs. She makes a choice that affects everyone, but none more than her: She has to marry the Alpha. To Melanie, this is the end of her world as she knows it, but little does she know, an arranged marriage is inconsequential in comparison to the hand Fate has yet to deal her.

PrincessSapphire9674 PrincessSapphire9674 Jan 11, 2016
This is a really good start I think I'm gonna enjoy reading it
JellytheRainbow JellytheRainbow Jan 21, 2014
update update update! cole seems sweet even though hes supposed to be cold hearted
CrazyRedRead CrazyRedRead Oct 18, 2013
Fantastic! I just read your story in its entirety.  It is really good. I feel the characters. I can see a rough road ahead of Melanie and Cole. Mostly because of Cole. I can't wait for the next update.
EXOtic_Devil EXOtic_Devil Oct 03, 2013
Omo please update it's soo good!!! I was looking for a story like this for so long and at last!
                              Please check out my story 'The Wolf's Bride' it's my first story on Wattpad and it would mean so much to me if you read it! 
                              Lots Of Love <3
juhikishore200 juhikishore200 Aug 15, 2013
i love every bit of it. plz plz do update.. i just fell in love wid this story i have read it and reread it .. im so hopelessly in love or obsessed wid your story
tamara19 tamara19 Jul 13, 2013
Please I'm begging you update. Don't leave this story hangin. I love the story description can't wait for more.