Modern! Thranduil X Reader

Modern! Thranduil X Reader

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ElfBerry By ElfBerry Updated Feb 27, 2015


Your alarm woke you up at Saturday morning at 7:00 so you could go on your daily morning jog. You were very tired after a night of Tumblr, but you knew you had to keep up your running if you had any hope beating your nemesis: Natalie. She was a very fast runner, and always beat you in the local races. You and your friend, Tom, ran together every morning, but he was sick. You decided to get your butt outside and run anyway.

You dressed in a neon sports bra and shorts. Even the mornings were really hot this summer, so you flipped your hair into a ponytail and put on your lightest running shoes. 

The roadside passed by quickly as you jogged towards the park. You and Tom normally took a water break here, so you figured you might as well stop as usual. Sitting down on a bench near a fountain, you sighed as your thighs burned.

Suddenly, a girl with a long, platinum ponytail collapsed on the bench next to you. Wait - that was a guy! One with long white hair, a pale, s...

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