Ambiguity [ot4]

Ambiguity [ot4]

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Mel from the killers By muking Updated Jul 27, 2016

Michael throws his arm around the back of the bench, tugging on the soft black hair on Riley's head. He glances around, eyes hidden by black sunglasses, just like Riley's. He spots someone in a sports bra jogging along the path in front of them and says, "What about her? She's pretty hot, yeah? I'd bang her." 


"Yeah, sweetie?" Michael glances over at her. 

"I'm seven and a half," 

"Never too early to look at pretty people," Michael amends, which makes Riley giggle, before she returns her attention to her ice cream cone. 

Or the one where Calum adopts a kid, fights heteronormativity, cissexism, and his partners for corrupting his baby. 

((Ot4)) ((sequel to definition))

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HazzaLou4eva HazzaLou4eva Nov 03, 2015
I'm so glad that someone had made a sequel where it works out in an polyamorous relationship