The Omega's Daughter

The Omega's Daughter

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Orlaith Hunt By Myst3ry007 Completed

My mother is Dead.
My father is an Omega.
We're on the run.
We've always been on the run.
But this time things are different.
This time we're making a stand.
This time we're going to fight.
And this time it's my story that will unfold.
I am Azalea Hawkins.
And. . .
I am the Omega's Daughter!

Azalea is the Daughter of Blake Hawkins a renowned werewolf who is feared for being the most ruthless werewolf known in their world. They have been living their life on the run but now that she has finally gotten the chance to stay in one place it is all coming crashing down around her. Not only does she make friends and finds family, but she finds her mate. But what happens when a threat on her life and her fathers becomes apparent and when the threat is from an unknown source that knows a bit too much about her.

She isn't going to run . . .
This time she is going to fight . . .
And she plans to win . . .
No matter what because she finally has a life she wants to keep.

*1st Place winner of Blank Sheets Awards*
*1st Place Winner of The Ohana Awards 2018*
*1st Place Winner of Majestic Awards 2018*
*1st Place Winner of Blossom Awards*

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