Guilty Pleasures(ON HOLD)

Guilty Pleasures(ON HOLD)

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Lu By HaleyDea Updated Sep 02, 2013

Porsha Alston is a twenty three year old classy woman who has never been a big fan of men and Romance in general. So what happens when she gets a job working as an editor for one of New York's best Journalist, Liam Garraty? She finds herself head over hills and falling for him after a heated one night stand.

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fbxbg104 fbxbg104 Jul 27, 2017
Wuts a vibrator? Im thinking something dirty and do please tell me wut im thinking is true? me...just....I told my mum I don't like guys....and she Assumed I was lesbian till I explained what I meant....she said she saw it coming...I dress like a dude...I act like a was bound to happen..and I was like....I'm attracted to guys....not girls
ohnuudident ohnuudident May 01, 2014
she was just being polite. sheesh. get your panties outta that twist
HaleyDea HaleyDea Dec 12, 2012
@miss_alie I have 2 and 3 up already!! You cant see them? and thanks:)
miss_alie miss_alie Dec 12, 2012
Waiting for your upload :) I love your stories you are one of my favorite writers right now!