The BadGirl Calls Me Cupcake. [Slow Updates]

The BadGirl Calls Me Cupcake. [Slow Updates]

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SofiaPtv By SofiaPtv Updated Aug 02, 2016

"She was back. Quinn Blaze came back to haunt me once again. The girl who was bullying me till I was seven now she was back. She was back and she would eat me alive."

 Tyler Parker. The nerd. The goody two shoes. The boy who was scared of everything and everyone especially Quinn Blaze. The wanted little gangster with the dangerous life-who by the way loved to bully Tyler Parker

 But they are old enough now. Will this teasing change? Become something more? Will Quinn Blaze take Tyler out of his shell? Or will her life destroy every piece of goodness he has in his heart?

 One thing is sure. There is the fire here.. There is The Bad Girl.

Due to school work and working on another story the updates here are slow.. Sorry

Amazing Cover By @KeepinItLowkey
Book three of the Bad Boy Series. 
No need to read the two others but there are spoilers here:)

sherocandy sherocandy 5 days ago
friend: what are u doing? 
                              me: isn't it obvious? Talking to a tree. which is TOTALLY normal*turns back to tree* so anyway... 
                              friend: *starts to slowly back away*
MrsChanyeolWooBin MrsChanyeolWooBin Mar 02, 2016
First time i read a story where the guy is a virgin and the girl not
Im_Batmans_Wife Im_Batmans_Wife Mar 01, 2016
Omfg I want blue hair and grey eyes!!! 
                              I'm such an āsshøle 😂😂
Anti-Boo Anti-Boo Sep 05, 2016
*screams* he's gay I love gays this book got me more excited
RayOfSunlight01 RayOfSunlight01 Jun 16, 2016
I had to do that with my brother Carlos. He's older than me.
RayOfSunlight01 RayOfSunlight01 Jun 16, 2016
Oh My Gosh, I thought I was the only one. I talk to trees all time. It's a day by day thing.