The Player's Return

The Player's Return

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Vivian By ShatterAngel Updated Sep 15

| Book 2 of Player Next Door |

Who is Mr. Hunt?

Mr. Hunt who owns Genesis Enterprises. The world's most futuristic and fastest cars which earns millions every day. 

Elise Britts never knew what her new job would be. A free apartment, a good pay, and a new car was enough to drag her away from London and into the city that never sleeps. 

But when Mr. Hunt turns around and looks at her blankly in the eye, Elise never knew that her heart would shatter into a million pieces all over again.

It sounds like she's getting married. . . If he hurts her, I will murder him. . . brutally. (I had to add the word for effect.)
leilaalcide leilaalcide Jul 25
If I die tonight , wen the police is doing investigation imma leave a note saying u Kill me by NOT updating this book , watch !
Oii what happened? Why is your surname Hunt? Did you suddenly became gay and got married?
ShamsAllawi ShamsAllawi Jul 24
Ok now I know why is say the PLAYERS return he is a player again well my thought is FÛCK U‼️💔😡😡😡
WonderAli WonderAli Aug 03
It's been waiting for you, welcome to New York... Swifties where you at?