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Why do I love you? (Jacksepticeye x reader)

Why do I love you? (Jacksepticeye x reader)

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LoserNoLife By natureWolf Completed

   My alarm clock rings. I feel too tired but my alarm is more annoying. I smash it until it finally shuts up. "Oh, college." I run my fingers through my messy hair, it was my first day of college. I was excited for college for some reason, probably because it was a way to be free from Greg, he is my boyfriend. He abuses me when he says I do something wrong or he just doesn't give a crap and just wants to hit me. I have tried one time to break up with him, but he got drunk and he took advantage of me, I lost everything... I can't leave him or he will do everything again, probably worse. I jumped out of bed and into my bathroom to brush the mess I called hair, "For a first day of school, what is the type of hairstyle?", I thought for a while, "It depends on the outfit, too", I looked for something to wear. I searched for something that men wouldn't be into, ever since that happened I have never trusted a man. "Dirty preverts!" I thought. I found an Imagine Dragons tank top, my favorite ...

cat3600 cat3600 Mar 10
Im at the part ware jack was touching my hair, but in reality if ENEYONE thouchs my hair all hell will break loss ...  And instead of inmagin dragons I replaced it with Hollywood undead ( look it up if yo never hear of it I renamed lion 🐯)
taytaytaz13 taytaytaz13 a day ago
On April 1st (April Fools day) unfollow and unsubscribe to Jacksepticeye! We'll wait until he notices and then follow back! Please share and do this!
Jackagirl915 Jackagirl915 5 days ago
Gregs name shoulda been Billy. IT would give life a whole new meaning
omg demons from imagine dragons is actually my favorite song
I read to right here and accidentally ony bed band I had just gotten some of those fake glue on nails and I said, oh crap.. Meh! And I picked up phone
Yo, quick tip, when you put in new dialogue, press enter and put the new dialogue there, then you could tell if someone else is talking