Why Do I Love You? · Jacksepticeye x Reader (Read Description)

Why Do I Love You? · Jacksepticeye x Reader (Read Description)

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Gaaaay Booi By WolfyDeer Completed

To be honest, I wrote this when I was inexperienced and just gonna put it out there. This story will contain:

-Plot Holes...a lot
-Spelling Errors
-Grammar Errors
-A bunch of feminist sh*t
-Very 'Edgy/Emo' protagonist
-My cringy emo thirteen year old self venting about some asshole that nobody cares about...

Don't read this if you hate cringy shit. And plez be gentle when commenting, I is just a simple koala movin along in life. I like reading and laughing at this, then thinking to myself,  "This was written by a younger me that had not discover how GAY I truly was. Wow! I was a depressed straight person."  and now I'm a happy gay.

Nonja18 Nonja18 May 18
Your intro on the beginning description made me laugh so hard.
kitraction kitraction Mar 31
reader, don't be afraid of men.
                              not all men are pIGS
                              the sex of men are nice tbh
He's hot! Why should I NOT trust him? Waita minute.. yea pretend I never said that.. BYE!
Demons is actually my fave song (that imagine dragons made.... my fave in general
                              Is probably control by Halsey
This was my very first story i read on here i love it so much... 😆😆
taytaytaz13 taytaytaz13 Mar 29
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