100 floors of horror

100 floors of horror

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Abby By abbywriteshorror Updated Jul 01

A group of friends get the chance to stay in a luxury hotel. To their surprise they managed to get a room on the 100th floor. One night they go out but when they arrive back the lifts are shut down. They hike up the stairs but to pass the time they tell horror stories.

Make sure you're tucked up warm and you don't look behind you...

Best rank: #2 in horror
                    :#28 in short story

Jes_Mua_Mua Jes_Mua_Mua Mar 27
Outrageous size, location, very low prices... *sips wine* Let the horror begin.
- - Jul 14
I know those hands on the cover
                              it's from Resident Evil isn't it?
Skittlzrreal Skittlzrreal Aug 24, 2016
HA! I'd be too out of breath by the 5th floor to move my toes, forget speaking!
swaggirl6776 swaggirl6776 Aug 26, 2016
I wouldn't walk the stairs to the 100th floor i just would have said i didn't use my room last night so i don't have to pay
Ecined_123 Ecined_123 Nov 01, 2016
Omg first chapter was already frightening how bout the 100th floor
Jack-o-LanternInJuly Jack-o-LanternInJuly Nov 26, 2016
So the story said it was red writing that was in the walls...maybe the kid was using the Father's blood to write it?? Idk, like, if it was so long ago it wouldn't even be red anymore....ugh I'm confuzzled