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Kyoya Ootori X Reader .:A Masquerade:.

Kyoya Ootori X Reader .:A Masquerade:.

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Trishy1232 By Trishy1232 Completed

This is my Fist Fan-Fiction Writing! So Enjoy!
The host club a place where rich handsome young men with to much time on their hands sell their bodies to young women who also have to much time on their hands. Just think of it as a huge ass harem for the rich and beautiful.Or at least that's what you thought of it and you let the world know it.

Oh my god that teacher is an accurate representation of mine. Literally she gave one of my friends detention for "Breathing too loud and disrupting the class" when there was another student on the other end of the room chatting with his friends and throwing papers at people. That woman is mental.
First off, I am extremely great at math
                              Second, you got the part about me being easily aggravated
                              Third, I can already tell this will be good 😂
loomoosa loomoosa May 14
B ITcH I HOPe ThE F UcK YoU dO YoU'LL Be A DeaD SoN Of A B ItCh I TeLL YoU ThAt
LonelyStarChan LonelyStarChan Mar 19, 2016
Me: Fvck that *eats a hell load*
                              Kyoya: Y/N, I know its you
                              Me: Shït, our cover is blown. Run for the hills!!!
KenzieLikesBands KenzieLikesBands Apr 11, 2016
But, I'm just a sweet and innocent girl! I would never do that...
                              *smirks evilly*
TheHeroine150 TheHeroine150 Feb 29, 2016
*ignores what I said half a second ago and eats food and drinks whatever drink they have*