Unfortunately My Academy

Unfortunately My Academy

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S D MacDonald By DHShadow09 Updated Feb 10

Long after vocally sentencing her nearly extinct Gaelic language and herself to be declared witchery, which had successfully discouraged students from getting close, and inevitably renaming her "Enchantress Shadowry" for the rest of her existence, was not prepared for the unfortunate year the academy would misfile her records and force the willing Celtic mute, long forgotten, into the wrong class. 

Enchantress may just find resistance is futile. Finding herself in the spotlight once more; unintentionally drawing the attention of her curious classmates; only one recalls the 'witch' of the Academy. Challenged to her limits in an attempt to hide her unfathomable life, her past with the Academy's most popular upperclassman, Jackie, will only bring her more misery. They have unfinished business; heightened further by Jackie's desire to date Sylvia's brother; all of them keep confronting her at every turn. 

Patrick is just extra trouble, how long can Enchantress resist them, especially him? There are secrets none of them are willing to share, but what price are they willing to pay to get what they want? As they enter their Junior Year at the Academy, only one knows for sure the consequences of letting go, and none of them look like they are leaving unscathed.

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It needs to be more clear Daniel and Jackie were having a moment and the enchantress stepped between them to kiss Daniel in front of Jackie.
Loving it so far!! :) Chapter 1 spelling correction. Chard should be charred.
How did Sylvia hurt enchantress?? And I thought they were friends soooo, I'm confused as to what is going on.
Might sound better rephrased "she had been distracted long enough to allow the outraged Jacklyn to successfully strike.
First it says older classmate, then younger girl. Also tried to shove who?? Her friend or the enchantress?? Clarify please
- - Jan 15, 2016
The school is interesting, the writing is beautiful, but sometimes I was confused on what was happening because of all the words. Specifically, in the fighting scene with the Enchantress and Jackie. Still, I am intrigued!<3