Another Fate (BoyxBoy)

Another Fate (BoyxBoy)

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Crumbs By xCOOKIExCRUMBSx Updated Feb 28, 2017

[Previously known as "Admitting it... Again"] Derek and Luke are back and raring to go. Last year, when Derek's pack moved into town, Luke was utterly confused about his unexplained feelings. Though, Derek wasn't in as much shock when he found out Luke, human boy, was his mate. Now, a year after that first day they met, they're both still deeply in love, and heading off to college.

Luke Zenan thinks he wouldn't be able to function without Derek. Derek was his everything; his love, his friend, his other half. But what will happen when an Elemental comes into town as Derek's old friend before he moved? Luke knows he has more than one soul mate-- he knows that much-- but for two of them to be old friends? That is just cruel.

(*A/N* In this story, any human who was chosen to have a "mate," like a werewolf, or vampire, then has a mate in every other type of supernatural. Like, Luke has one werewolf mate (Derek), one elemental, one vampire, and one fae (Or fairy as most know and call it :P). There are more types of supernatural in this story, these were just off the top of my head.)

  • college
  • doubt
  • elementals
  • love
  • supernatural
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I'm reading this way too late..... Great.... IM STILL FANGAYING OVER IT
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I'm not the only one who always read a any thing with "rap" as "rape" like ever fricking time 😅😅