Being Crazy Is a Good Thing!!!!

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SuicidalLoveStory By SuicidalLoveStory Updated 3 years ago
Emily Carson is your averge 17-year old, teen who just happens to be known as crazy or a werido along with her best friend Jayy Von Monroe, Yes, the one and only Jayy Von Monroe from Blood on the dance floor! When her manwhore step-brother Jake strats messing around with the school biggest whore Abby, Emily realizes she is in love with Jake. When Jake decides to just pick up and leave, Emily is completely heartbroken. Three months have gone by and Emily is surprised when she hears Abby moan Jake's name in her house. Now Emily's 'Boyfried' is Jayy to make Jake jealousy. As this all happens, Dahvie falls in love with Emily. Awesome right?! Maybe, if Emily doesn't ruining her chances. *This story is Humor and romance and fan fiction.*
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