He's an Alpha werewolf with issues, and i'm his mate? This can't be good!

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Bree Jensten is a normal girl, until one day when everything goes wrong. Then everything gets turned upside down. Not just her world, but also her baby brother's that she has to take care of. What will happen to her as her life takes a devastating turn, but also a good one?
    Trey Hall is a werewolf. He is the new Alpha and has issues. He has anger issues, jealousy issues, and overprotective issues. He hasn't found his mate yet. He wants a mate. One day, he gets so mad, that he goes for a run. In doing that, his whole world changes.
omfreacking gosh this is amzing I love it is so sediment thank you so much for writing this book it made my day
Great story.. <- that sounds boring but I mean it makes me want to keep reading it
Frick LMAO "Fluffy" 
                                    I wanna werewolf named fluffy! Thats so not fair LOL ;)
                                    this is awesome
ok ok let me just say that these is such a cute story and i cant wait to read  the rest.
if i saw a giant wolf i would run away as fast as io could screaming my ass off
Awww this is so damn good...though Little Tanner makes me wonder...he;s not gay is he?? Lol anway awww i wanna pet a 12 foot wlf and have it purr! Lol anyway reading on!