Daddy Purdy's Sex Slave ( Interracial )

Daddy Purdy's Sex Slave ( Interracial )

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XxDeadly_DesiresxX By XxBlind_DesiresxX Updated Sep 20, 2016

( Keke Palmer as Casey )

( Friday )

" Your not my real father, you have no right to tell me anything! " 

" Casey, baby stop! " 

" I'm the man of this household and you respect what I say and it goes. " 

" Babe, calm down. Please! " all day has been hell for Casey's mother, Sharon. It seemed she's been trying to pry the two off each other all day but how could she interfere, if her daughter and newly wed husband were down eachother throat almost constantly. She understood that Casey wanted nothing to do with Ashley, however she couldn't stand there all day and let her disrespect him so she spoke up and with a maximum volume of firmness " Casey, stop this right now and I mean it, stop it! Stop thinking your a grown person, if you want to be grown and yell at other adults get your things and go " she said calmly yet weakly, knowing her daughter was all she ever had in life after her former husband left for no apparent reason. And for Ashley to come and make her life happy, she wasn't...

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Nooriginality13 Nooriginality13 May 11, 2016
I would stab his hand with a fork under the table. And be like "mom he's touching me under the table."
- - May 18, 2015
obvious creepypasta lover. How come pretty much all creepypasta lovers like rp? Idk I am one and I do but omg. O.o
XxMinxxxX XxMinxxxX Mar 25, 2015
                              pls update soon i look every day if you upload this ff but you dont :( 
                              banana unicorn is sad :(
XxMinxxxX XxMinxxxX Mar 10, 2015
jeyyyyyyyy ^^ thx♥
                              omg you love creepypastas too *-* your name is awesome ♡