Deep Ends

Deep Ends

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dianaaa By PrincessofWhales Updated Apr 16, 2016

His abs sculpted perfectly, shimmering under the sun. His neck was wrapped with tattoos, along with his arms and legs. It was hard for me to breathe. He threw his surfboard to the ground, and rubbed the sand off his palms. I stared at him from the corner of my eye, below my sun hat. Then, he tossed me a cocky, hot smirk.

Until he really looked at me. We both remembered. We both know what happened two years ago. I guess that was all it took for him to try and act like I didn't exist.

I was good at running away. I was good at leaving, and that's what I'd done a year ago after my dad passed. So when I met Mr. Bad boy whom I didn't know was the son of rich, crazy business man Carson White, fix away at my car in Deep Ends, my heart stopped. He was too dangerous, and I was fragile... Innocent.

I wanted to run away, but I couldn't, because of Bad Boys soft, manipulating eyes, mysteriously dangerous ways and killer tattoos. I was curious, I wanted to know more, to ask questions of what we both witnessed that night...


Lexi will stop at nothing to reach Cedric White's deep ends, while trying to battle her own issues, the White's issues, and battle what true love really feels like.

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bigbootyjudy-not bigbootyjudy-not Aug 01, 2016
Trust me boo boo that's, sadly, the style now. You know to have your ã$$ hanging out.
Isabel_Lawley Isabel_Lawley Jul 18, 2016
This is literally how me and my best friend talk to eachother
- - Jun 01, 2016
Pfft i wisht that would happen here...the hot guy that ever knocked on my door was the pizza delivery man
This_Is_Always_Me This_Is_Always_Me Feb 28, 2016
Did i miss the part where they say it was his brother?? Why does she think it's his brother, anyone?
bigbootyjudy-not bigbootyjudy-not Aug 01, 2016
Ummm I thought she was with her dad in Miami when Cedric came into her house?
Isabel_Lawley Isabel_Lawley Jul 18, 2016
I think I know where her drinking and driving is leading to ._.