A New Hope*Percy Jackson Fanfic

A New Hope*Percy Jackson Fanfic

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Purple By purplebooks11 Updated Jan 21

Well I'm not that good at descriptions, but please try this book! Percy goes through a whole lot of mess, caused by this guy who intentions are hardly ever clear. 

Anyway, it's kinda random, there is Persassy, and actual plot in some cases...and Yeah

I'll be as unique and original as I can be. sooooooooo. Palease read my book my Fellow Wattpadians! Onward!

P.S. I do not own Percy Jackson or any of the characters that are in Rick Riordan books. Rick does of course. I'm not the author of PJO and HoO therefore I do not own the characters! so there!

P.P.S. Also, there is no Star Wars...jsyk

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startx07 startx07 Aug 19, 2017
Is it okay if I heard Believer the whole chapter because of the word 'pain'? xD
-GhostBlonde- -GhostBlonde- Sep 18, 2017
It's that song believer PAIN you put me down you bring me up beleiver, beleiver!
perce_101 perce_101 Apr 18, 2016
When I saw the title of this book It looked like a Percy Jackson star wars crossover
_PJF4E_ _PJF4E_ Oct 01, 2016
Before I carry on, I just want to double check, has this book got pertimis??
CE_Dolesh CE_Dolesh Dec 09, 2016
To be honest I sang this entire thing in a happy-go-lucky enthusiastic voice
LycanFan48 LycanFan48 Feb 19, 2016
"Pain without love
                              Pain, I can't get enough
                              Pain, I like it rough
                              'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all."
                              Pain by Three Days Grace