The Beginning - Book One in the Dark Secrets Series

The Beginning - Book One in the Dark Secrets Series

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FreedomsBliss By FreedomsBliss Updated Feb 09, 2013

The world as we know it is slowly coming to an end. Hell is rising through the cracks in the Earth's surface, and Heaven is falling through the clouds. Both will meet in an epic battle that has the power to destroy the world. It is said that no one will survive, and brothers will be put against brothers. In the final battles the last remaining humans shall be perished and only the victor will arise from the ashes.

Heaven or Hell.

A special group called the Alumni rest silently in peace, waiting for the final battle to arrive. They are composed of the most secretive demon hunters around, fighting on the side of Heaven. Though they believe in much more then what religious people do. Because behind the curtains of religion, is an entire world most do not know about. An entire world unseen by human eyes. And the Alumni are prepared to fight for the unknown.

  • angel
  • battle
  • demon
  • heaven
  • hell

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