To Save a Soul [Naruto]

To Save a Soul [Naruto]

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HarleyChase By HarleyChase Updated Dec 02, 2015

It is left to speculation exactly how Sabaku no Gaara became Kazekage. In a village that despised him, with a family that feared him, and in an environment so full of animosity the tension was nearly palpable, how did Shukaku's jinchuriki become the leader of Sunagakure? 

What was working wonders from the shadows, or to be more precise, whom? The story of a comrade that has done nothing but wander her entire life unfolds, and Gaara soon finds that Uzumaki Naruto is not the only one capable of compassion.

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Gichke Gichke May 06
Please update as soon as you can 😀 I actually read this voor in one go 😁😁😁 so please update xp
IyraMagix IyraMagix Aug 05
Blake is that you?
                              If you know who I'm talking about I love you
ConstantTea ConstantTea Apr 18
So my brother had tired lines and joked that he was Itachi and told me I'd have to kill him and I just shrugged and said, "I don't hold grudges, so we're fine"
Otaku_NC Otaku_NC Jun 13
Well, you don't really own your children, the government does until they're eighteen sooooo
Anyone only know that the seven tails was Chomei because they listened that Biju counting song on repeat for like three days?
Village hidden in the shadows
                              Makes sense for the background info