Murderer On Earth

Murderer On Earth

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Lis By Lis_Rose Completed

Rae Evans never planned on being locked up for murder, nor did she plan on being one of the first people to return to the Earth after the apocalypse 97 years before.

She finds herself stuck in a camp with 99 other criminals and a bad tempered fake guard named Bellamy Blake.

With a strong backbone, a messed up back story, a knack of getting into all sorts of trouble but always with a smile on her face,
it turns out not planning ahead was one of the best things Rae could do.

bellamy is not mr.sexgodofthecentury he is mr.sexgodofforever duh
ok i kinda hate him kinda love him bUT I FREAKING STAN RICHARD HARMON MY BABY
I was laughing about this, so I repeated the line to a friend of mine. She proceeded to look up and say, "Why does she want to hit him?" This girl is eighteen. I have such innocent friends.
You know what would be funny if right when Octavia was about to walk off the dropship someone hurry up and ran forward and they were just like "suck it hahah" lol😂😂😂
mimi60101 mimi60101 Sep 05
I read 'so what are you guys on' like I know they were arrested for drug stuff but I mean come on!!😂😂
I mean your a good character so far so u better frick frack him