Dream Come True { On Hold} (see assi i wrote it, so ha)

Dream Come True { On Hold} (see assi i wrote it, so ha)

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XDreamsCanComeTrueX By XDreamsCanComeTrueX Updated Jan 22, 2013

Dream Come True is not you average 1D fan fiction, because there's a lot more secrets behind it. Join your international pop star Harry Styles from One Direction on this adventure of love, hatred, betrayal and secrets i can't reveal. You have to wait until the end of the ride to know if its going to be a ride to remember or a nightmare turn into reality.

Mellanie Jones just turned 18 and Simon has given her this job, everyone wants to know what she is hiding and why. what is the secret of the closet, and why does she hate her past so much. Why does Mellanie keep have nightmares and flashbacks to find out read Dream Come True...

Book 1 (there's much more to this story than it seems)

I do not own one direction, Simon cowell and any other celebrity's mentioned, i do not own any places mentioned either. But this whole plot and idea belongs to me and is all my imagination so DO NOT COPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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hazzagotmetrippin hazzagotmetrippin Jan 16, 2013
I like the prolog. It's unique, and different. The story is amazing as well (:
hemisha hemisha Jan 13, 2013
Wow......it is really different from what I've usually read. It seems really interesting...!!!
CastlesMadeofSand CastlesMadeofSand Dec 27, 2012
This sounds good so far! I like how it seems different and I hope that it will show the other side to fame. Most stories on here focus on the good but never really say anything about the bad. Nice work!
StarSkipper98 StarSkipper98 Dec 21, 2012
Well this is different! Loved how you've written this.. Just maybe try breaking down the paragraphs a bit, they're too long(:
sasa99 sasa99 Dec 14, 2012
This is a really unique and good idea for a story! This prologue really did make me think of celebrities differently.  It must be rough to live their life. This is a really interesting story and I'm looking forward to reading it. Voted!
Beautiful_Starz Beautiful_Starz Dec 14, 2012
Although this was a bit short I think it was just enough details to capture the readers eye and make them want to read more. Fan-fic's unsually don't make sense to me but I think I like the idea of where yours is going ^_^ Sounds pretty good so far #voted