Winning Layla (#2)

Winning Layla (#2)

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Paige Carlin By _ChunkyMonkey_ Completed

Layla Edwards has lived in Colorado her entire life. She always loved the mountains and everything in them. 

Until she meets her mate, Nash Hendrix. 

She thought her mate would love her; only to reject her. Leaving her depressed and hating her home, what happens when the one person who caused her pain tries to take it away?

* * *

Nash Hendrix. 

Brother, son, and part-time mate rejecter. He didn't know how much he wanted her until he lost her. He left her, breaking her heart and protecting his. 

Or, at least trying to. 

Book #2 of the Loving You Series.

vanithaaa vanithaaa Feb 28
Few months? That's means for the past 2 1/2 years he was with girls? While then , Layla was concentrating on her business.
Lol sounds like my cousin's marriage life. Spoiler alert: it ended it divorce
Wow! Expected her to put up more of a fight not just roll over and give in. 😑
So he only wants her because he's tired of other girls and partying?
This guy sounds like a buffoon.  I don't know how you will get your readers to like him
Every time I see the Edwards as a last name I think of Alyssa Edwards.... Rupaul Drag Race Reference lol 😅