Percy Jackson: A Spark of Betrayal  Complete

Percy Jackson: A Spark of Betrayal Complete

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Ariel Summers By arielsummer21 Completed

Percy has become invisible and unwanted at camp. Fed up with everything that the campers threw back in his face, he leaves. Annabeth once said that the real world is where you learn if you're any good or not. What will Percy find? Remember, all it takes is a spark to throw the world into chaos. 

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I just realized that there are always 2 big three kids each, with the exception of posidon.theres one Greek one roman,one girl one boy.
                              Roman-Percy(male)(for a couple months)
Credit Geronimo Styltin full credit
                              Blah blah oh right my name is _____
aj_05102020 aj_05102020 a day ago
^^ yeah only him though hes all like bow before me or im gonna taze you shiz like that or who dares interrupt the so called 'meeting' of the gods more like childish blaberring
0shadow_hunter0 0shadow_hunter0 Mar 19, 2016
Dam you, it is on the other side of the dam country kelp head!!!!!
CookieMcLoughlin CookieMcLoughlin Aug 09, 2016
I like this new character
                              *squints* you're a spy aren't you
                              *squints harder* if not you're gonna die aren't you
England_From_Hetalia England_From_Hetalia Jul 30, 2016
WHY THE ZEUS -yeah that's right. NOT Hades, Zeus!- WOULD YOU SAY THAT?!???????!!!!!!!!!?!?