The Circle

The Circle

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Part 1 of The Aurora Trilogy... Against a backdrop of emotional family turmoil, April McCabe must rise above her fears and face a past that threatens to drown her sanity and destroy the world as she knows it. Surrounded by loyal friends Jinx Garcia and Alex Field, April embarks on the painful journey into her inheritance only to find treacherous secrets lurking beneath the surface. 

Not only is April part of an ancient blood line, one that dates back to early B.C and still remains a conspiracy to this day, but she is also the Chosen One – sent with the sole mission of protecting The Circle of Aurora and with powers that exceed even the most hailed and influential Members. But the Black Magicians of The Pergatorio want April’s blood on their hands, not only because she has the power to bring back the Callitio Sisters - the unprecedented Goddesses of Black Magic with the power to rain death and purgatory on an unsuspecting world - but because only she has the power to stop them. 

Along with her friends and the suspicious but fascinating Caleb Anderson, April begins a suicide mission to destroy The Pergatorio before her fate is sealed. But who can April trust in a world that wants her dead and another that will resort to anything to keep her alive?

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