Soul Eater Power Down

Soul Eater Power Down

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When there is a power outage in Death City, everyone gathers at Maka and Soul's place for a sleepover.


Warning: This story sucks hate to say. Cringe x500. I wrote this last year and I liked to spam. Read at own risk.

The caption reminds me of bahom Rhapsody  (or something like that that I sang in chrous))
"Kaboodle. (Kittenkatness Starts laughing her her head off) I sorry (continues laughing for 5 min) ok I think I'm done (reads the "word" Kaboodle again) Kaboodle (breaks into a fit of laughter) thats my new favorite word. (giggles) Kaboodle is now a word on my phone. Lol
DLotUd DLotUd Aug 12
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Jaylaisjojo Jaylaisjojo Aug 27
CyanideLove CyanideLove Nov 12
Maka there's a hungry chimp outside your door. Get those bananas
spicyguac spicyguac Jul 19
all you need is a gun and your pokemon go
                              pokemon go users who socialize are scary