While seeking solitude at his burly uncle’s isolated home in the marshlands of Louisiana, student Mark Osman gets caught up in eerie events and pulled through to a terrifying alternate dimension. Here, the descendants of men and women who vanished in the Bermuda Triangle mysteries have fought an endless battle for survival against a race of diabolical beings intent on building a portal to invade Earth. As the only human to have come through safely in some decades, Mark Osman’s survival is critical to the human war effort, so the fate of mankind lies in his hands. But all the troubled young man wants is a way back home, and reaching the portal is the only way he can get through.

This book was written by me under the pen name Jon Bladewake in 2009, shelved and published through Create Space in 2010.

For the full story, buy the book at http://http://www.amazon.com/Ripdoor-Jon-Bladewake/dp/1456345052/

  • adventure
  • alternate
  • demon
  • dimension
  • fear
  • monsters
  • reality
  • scary
  • space
  • suspense
  • thriller
  • travel
  • universe

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