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alishia bothwell By draka_20 Updated Dec 06, 2012


i can remember the night it happened i hid behind my couch so he wouldn't find me. he came home reaking as he always did and hit her like he hated her...she always took her beatings, never saying a word but, this time it was diffrent i could see it in his eyes as he punched her so hard you could hear her bones starting to break...i wanted to help her...i wanted to save her but, i knew deep down i couldn't he was to mad he would of taken everything out on both of us...and i didn't want to disobey mommy that way i could feel the tears dripping down my face as i watched in horror what daddy was doing...for the first time in my twelve years i hated him. then it happened i could see the silver slowly being drown from his pocket as he quickly struck her several times...i watched as mommy pleaded for her life...mommy! i wispered as tears streamed silently down my face.

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