The Phoenix

The Phoenix

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DrWhomever By DrWhomever101 Updated Oct 13, 2016

They took everything from me. 

They destroyed my world. 

They took the ones I loved. 

They will suffer. 

They will pay with their lives. 

I don't save people. I don't help people. I don't put people in jail. 

I want revenge. I want what's right. I want justice. 

I am not the police. 

I am not a government worker.  

I am not a superhero. 

I am someone who will reclaim what was mine. I am someone who rises from the ashes. 

I am The Phoenix.

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erahodalla erahodalla Nov 27, 2013
Wahaha. I laughed when you mention the alien thing, I thought it was just a metaphor but isn't really an alien or something weird? But that's just a dream. You ended the chapter nicely. I will be waiting for the next chappie. <3
erahodalla erahodalla Nov 22, 2013
Wow. I like it. Deshawn is a mysterious guy for me. I like the way you narrate the prologue. It's interesting. And I am thinking, and excited too on when the phoenix will appear :)) I think you should continue this :)) you are creatively talented :))