My Collection of Short Horrors

My Collection of Short Horrors

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Nicole M. By Aria_Rose Updated Oct 31

A collection of short horror stories.

The Possessed- Amber notices her sister's behavior begins to change after she meets her new friend behind the barn that no one else can see. She is led to believe that her little sister is possessed, but how can she save her?

Bitten- Danielle consistently has dream of an elderly woman with a snake. These dreams begin to become real when people begin to mysteriously die around her. Can Danielle figure what is behind these deaths?

Not a Romance Story- A typical teenage girl moves to a new city, meets a mysterious boy, falls in love, finds out he's a vampire and the two live happily ever after. Not in this story!

The Abortion- A young woman's rash decision to terminate her pregnancy leads to deadly consequences.

Wonderland- An innocent children's tale gone horribly wrong. Aly is forced through the Looking Glass and transported to a horrific land that is Wonderland.

All Work and No Play- Alicia has spent most of her life working, while her twin, Jessica, goes out partying. Alicia begins to envy Jessica's lifestyle but how far is she willing to go to get it?

Victoria- Davidson Frankenstein is determined to build a machine that restores life. He, however, cannot foresee the deadly consequences such a device will bring to his family and the town.

  • haunted
  • revenge
  • twins
garyjarvis1976 garyjarvis1976 Jan 22, 2015
It's hard to find good quality horror stories on this site, that don't just depend on blood and gut to gain effect, but build up the tension as the reader devours every breath-taking word, eager to know what will come next.
                              You tick all the boxes, a great story.
Aria_Rose Aria_Rose May 15, 2013
@ECole789 Thank you! Your comment and vote really means a lot to me. :D
ECole789 ECole789 May 13, 2013
WOW! That was totally unexpected and impressively amazing:D voted:)
Aria_Rose Aria_Rose Apr 09, 2013
@rgcullen Thank you for commenting! Hope you like the others :)
rgcullen rgcullen Apr 08, 2013
Nice story Nicole! Loved the twist. I'll definitely read the others.
                              Thanks for sharing!
Aria_Rose Aria_Rose Feb 20, 2013
@infinitygirl88 Thank you! I appreciate your comment and vote. I hope you enjoy the others. Warning though, 'The Abortion,' might be kind of controversial, or some may think. Just don't take it too seriously.