A Deal With The Devil {Book Five} (ManxBoy)

A Deal With The Devil {Book Five} (ManxBoy)

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{Book Five of the I Knew You Were Gay series} Mason Tomkins is as shy as they come, and being gay doesn’t really help that. He keeps to himself, mostly, only really opening up to his closest friends.

Ashton Bellavance knows he’s an asshole. But will he change? No, of course not, there is no one that can change his wicked ways. Pissed that his relationship with River Tomison was destroyed by Giovanni, Ash must find other ways to please himself. His normal remedies are now useless, old and boring compared to River.

So when Ash sees Mason sitting by himself, looking lonely and attractive, a wicked plan starts in Ash’s mind. One where he makes this lonely boy less lonely. One where he gets the pleasure he’s been searching for since his last “toy” was stolen from him by a stupid teenager. One where he breaks Mason.

3:55am...here again...ggvgvvdnaksksjdhdb I am so ready to be emotionally destroyed :')
                              THAT'S MY BABY
I don't know if I want to read this book. I am like super excited for it but I really don't want ash to have a happy ending soo..... ugh.
YourFavAlly YourFavAlly Oct 05
I don't want to read this 
                              My poor little innocent Mason
                              ILL KILL SOMEONE
OMG Cody Christian is my even smaller baby why.......stop.........please
I literally binge read the first four and then added this and didn't read it for a couple weeks cause I knew it was gonna wreck me.