So I Might Be a Vampire - Book One

So I Might Be a Vampire - Book One

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Rodney V. Smith By RodneyVSmith Completed

Bob has got to be the worst vampire in the world. Without a guide to learn how to be a good vampire, he's making it up as he goes along... while holding down a day job.

Everything I'm about to tell you is a lie. Well, except the parts that actually happened, but I'm supposed to let you guess which those are. The parts about me being a vampire, working at a porn shop, and being completely clueless about vampires, those are completely true. Oh, the parts about Claude, my best friend for life, being a gentleman thief? All true. 

This is NOT a misguided and sordid tell-all about being a modern-day vampire. (wink wink) My vampire club for accidental vampires, Friends of Vlad does not exist. Neither do vampires like the terrifying and beautiful Beatrice. There is no big bad vampire boss named Harry pushing vampires into the 21st Century. Also nope about the vampire club in the heart of Toronto and a big nope on Madame Vera's House of the Not-so-dead.

I'm just an ordinary guy who became a vampire. Nothing unusual about that. Nothing at all...

[Previously Featured #2 Vampire ]

 Humour has to be one of the toughest genres to get right. This book really pulls it off. Thank you for an enjoyable, entertaining read!

This was awesome beyond mere words!!! Should be a BESTSELLER!

This has been by far the best and funniest book I've read. I love this and I can't wait to tell my friends about this b'%&hing vampire story I read nonstop.