Losing You [1] • Teen Wolf

Losing You [1] • Teen Wolf

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"Im always worried. I'm worried about mom loosing the house. Im worried about Malia being Peter's daughter. You having a Beta.  Derek loosing his powers. Theres Kate and her Berserkers. On top of all that, there's a Dead Pool with assassins. And I worry about protecting you, Stiles, Lydia, Malia, Kira, Liam, mom, John and...." I trail off 

"...and Parrish?" Scott asks

"Yeah....I'm worried about him too" I say in a slight whisper...

[Teen Wolf, Season 4]

[Cover by @DarellyLucero]

I do not own the characters or plot of Teen wolf(sadly)
I only own the characters and scenes that come from my imaginations

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