The Luna

The Luna

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ʍaʟaʀʏ ɮʀօօҡɛ քɨtċɦʄօʀɖ By M-a-l-a-r-y Completed

His soul was dark as night, but without darkness, no stars could shine, and without a doubt, his stars are my favorite sight to see.


Evelyn Anderson was a young woman with the average life. She was shy, and kind. She was sweet and innocent.

Clayton Shepherd was the Alpha of the Blue Pine pack. He was aggressive, cruel, and possessive. He was a ruthless killer and a sadist.

Highest rank: #5 Werewolf

QueenofShadeUpInHere QueenofShadeUpInHere Aug 06, 2016
Ok, you still won't be getting any action me though. That'd suck to, I mean, you won't get an heir from your mate and Luna.
AdenFranco AdenFranco Jan 06
Since I found out Alexander plays him I keep thinking 'TARZAN'
StrawberryDonut08 StrawberryDonut08 Oct 02, 2016
I guess he got his flirt lessons from Adam in Beauty and the Beast
StrawberryDonut08 StrawberryDonut08 Oct 02, 2016
No. No 'awe'ing. Clayton, you aren't even seeing if she's okay! When a girl says she's fine, she's NOT okay!
shalazzz shalazzz Dec 22, 2016
😂 me I would have been I didn't get to finish all my series and and my stories and take a shower this morning eat breakfast finish my ice cream
StrawberryDonut08 StrawberryDonut08 Oct 02, 2016
                              *fellow readers hold me back*
                              Either you get me my skittle gun or you let me rearrange his face to look like a deformed raisin