The Luna

The Luna

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His soul was dark as night, but without darkness, no stars could shine, and without a doubt, his stars are my favorite sight to see.


Evelyn Anderson was a young woman with the average life. She was shy, and kind. She was sweet and innocent.

Clayton Shepherd was the Alpha of the Blue Pine pack. He was aggressive, cruel, and possessive. He was a ruthless killer and a sadist.

Highest rank: #5 Werewolf

Cover made by: Couchpotato2022

*Major editing*

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I'm about feminine power based books lol but I'll read anyways but in nature most females are bigger and stronger then the male
Shel3yy Shel3yy Feb 19
All females like a dominate man they b lyin if they say otherwise
Womanist_Supreme Womanist_Supreme 6 days ago
Besides the fact that females in the animal kingdom are often more dominant, it seems like an evolutionary flaw for females not to be able to protect themselves as well, but I guess it depends on how 'werewolves' came to be in this story.
Elise12117 Elise12117 5 days ago
This story is gonna be sooooo weird sense Clayton is my dad's name and clay is my brothers name
That’s like me. Even when the world is getting destroyed sleep will be my TOP priority
Buh I live in texas w/ bipolar as wheather (never snows) it gets warm in February, not june. 😂😂