The Luna

The Luna

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His soul was dark as night, but without darkness, no stars could shine, and without a doubt, his stars are my favorite sight to see.


Evelyn Anderson was a young woman with the average life. She was shy, and kind. She was sweet and innocent.

Clayton Shepherd was the Alpha of the Blue Pine pack. He was aggressive, cruel, and possessive. He was a ruthless killer and a sadist.

Highest rank: #5 Werewolf

Cover made by: Couchpotato2022

*Major editing*

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  • clayton
  • evelyn
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  • luna
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K9keeper K9keeper Jan 01
That would have been creepy as hèll tbh.... like I get freaked out when my dog stares at me, but imagine these huge wolves and you just open your eyes and they look like they about to summon some demon whILE THEIR EYES BORE INTO YOUR SOUL.
Females are actually the dominate species is nearly all animals, sales goes for wolves . I dont mind that males are the only ones though. Excited to read
K9keeper K9keeper Jan 01
This is actually super effective 😂 Like, I’m not going to lie, my eyes immediately skipped to “Chapter One”. It’s not that I don’t value cast/authors note, I’m just eager to start books. Anyway, IT’S EFFECTIVE BECAUSE I WENT BACK AND READ IT. :3
K9keeper K9keeper Jan 01
🎶 The cold never bothered me anyway 🎶 Literally the first thing I thought of.
that's like one of the worst places to have a spelling mistake especially if it's wee
secretjrz secretjrz Jan 08
Lmaooo she’s about to die and that’s what she’s worried about