Restricted Chapters

Restricted Chapters

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=) By BryWrites Updated Dec 31, 2012

Ok...Not sure what's up with wattpad but this will be my thrird attempt at trying to post this damn restricted chapter lol If it doesn't work this time I may just have to post it in the regular story....Anyway:

Restricted Chapters from my stories....

They're all Copyright: All Rights Reserved

KayelonJean90 KayelonJean90 Nov 16, 2015
I just finished the whole book in 2 days cuz I only put it down when I had to. And I immediately had to find the dirty chapter. Lol. I'm so happy you wrote this!
WinterSoldier41004 WinterSoldier41004 Sep 04, 2015
This is always awkward for me because I'm the best at creating mental pics so........................
BryWrites BryWrites Dec 05, 2012
@alexandraj It was private..I reposted the same chapter again but under public so you should be able to see it now =]
BryWrites BryWrites Dec 05, 2012
@xXstolenthoughtsXx thank you for commenting!! I'm glad you liked it, I've never written anything like this before lol