Her Demonic King (ON HOLD)

Her Demonic King (ON HOLD)

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Secret By Evangalina Updated Nov 08, 2016

Ever since Cassondreya left her best friend, Prince of Kelasia, the kingdom of the dragon shifters and supreme to all other shifter kingdoms, to his tyranny centuries ago, she's been in hiding. Living in the forest a couple miles out from the town she's been going to for school and education and food in secret for over 700 hundred years. 

Her heart aches for the friend that stole her heart every day she's away from him. 

But when supernaturals start causing trouble, she tries to fight them with out drawing attention, but ends up in trouble anyway.

For a long time Aztec has been desperately hoping his best friend and would return to him. But he eventually accepted the fact that she was dead. When he gets reports from the army on the South American continent about attacks on his scouts from a warrior of red hair and purple eyes, he knows it's her.

And he's determined to take back what's his.

His mate. 

The inhuman and dangerous beast inside him hungers for her. A monster dark, sinister, something beyond heaven and hell.

And she has know idea what horrors he will unleash to claim her as whats rightfully his.


  • angel
  • dark
  • demon
  • dragonshifter
  • guardian
  • king
  • light
  • love
  • mate
  • prince
  • romance
  • supernatural
  • warrior
xxkissDXx xxkissDXx Nov 19, 2016
Ok. You do read he say he will DRAG her by HER HAIR right? Kinky? Yummy? Tf is wrong with you women
AndreaRobles5 AndreaRobles5 Nov 30, 2015
I read nose red hair and thought " Like a nose bleed?" Then reread and read rose and that made way more sense
timetodance timetodance Oct 16, 2015
the cover of this book really grosses me out.  idk why, but its naasssttyyy.
_opaquesilver _opaquesilver Jun 10, 2015
ashkina ashkina Jun 09, 2015
Holy shite! best prologue I've read in here in a long time! CUDOS to you dude!
simbaxxnala simbaxxnala Jun 08, 2015
very good now for the love of god UPDATE ITS BEEN WELL OVER A MONTH FOR CHRIST SAKE!!!!!!!!!