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TauriaLove By TauriaLove Updated Dec 05, 2012

The battle for 'Larissa was long and hard, and the good guys ended up on the losing side. After creating a seal so that at least some of their enemies would be trapped inside, the Guardians are forced to leave with the rest of their race. They decide to sharpen their skills, so when the time comes for another large battle, they'll be ready. 

Six hundred years later, the Guardians meet up again, now that their enemies are actively looking for the Ruby - a source of pure, untouched magic that can do incredible things.... like helping to take control of all ten dimensions, or protecting the dimensions from a great evil. 

The Guardians are the only ones who can stop the Kyrithians from creating such a fate, but when they find out where the Ruby is, they find that they may not be prepared for such a challenge. But that doesn't stop them from trying....

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