This Isn't Love

This Isn't Love

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Jasmine K. Jackson By J_K_Jackson Updated Aug 05, 2016

Blood poured from my nose when the hit connected. I scooted back against the wall as he approached me. I closed my eyes to stop the tears that threatened to fall. Crouching down so we were eye level, he cupped my face before sliding his hands down to my throat. My breath caught when pressure was added.

"Zahara Germini Amara Fields, how many times must I tell you that you belong to me?" he asked calmly, tightening his grip. "You do nothing and go nowhere without my say so."

I knew my face was changing colors and I began to feel light headed from the lack of oxygen. He tightened his grip once more and leaned towards my ear.

"I could end you," he said. "No, I will end you, if you ever disrespect me again."

His grip suddenly loosened and I greedily gulped in some air. I began to cough a bit as I got my breathing in order. "Understand?"

I nodded quickly, afraid to speak. He smirked and stood up and walked towards the door..

"Good girl," he said. "Now get cleaned up. Oh, and I love you."

"I love you too, Quan," I whispered as he left the room.

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