One Love, One Mate (On Hold, my apologies)

One Love, One Mate (On Hold, my apologies)

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Uhh, it starts with J? By JessSaysBlehh Updated Nov 03, 2013

Life wasn’t always perfect for Mackenzie Jones. For seven years she was tortured, bullied, scarred, beaten and the list goes on. Why though? Because seven years ago, his father was proclaimed the Slough Creek’s Omega. He was punished for something that he had no control over.   Since then, not only her but also her family, was abused by the pack and made her life a living hell. All she ever wanted was a normal life. After seven years of suffering, her parents finally had enough guts to move to a pack where her older brother lives.  

Mackenzie was given the chance to live a normal life, and no way she’s going to screw this up. And now, the only thing she needs is her mate. Her true mate. That is, if the Goddess has given her one.  

 Xander had it all. He's popular, downright gorgeous and boy don’t he know it. He is the captain and quarterback of River View High's football team, and also the heir to the biggest pack in North America, The Druid Pack. Xander hates commitment.  He doesn't want a mate solely on the fact that he does't want to be tied down and be dragged away from all the fun of being a playboy. But, on the first day of senior year, he meets the beautiful and irresistible Mackenzie Jones, his sacred mate. He tries to ignore the sparks between them but it’s not always easy, especially when your own best friend is after her heart.  

 What they don't know is that there's more to Kenzie than just a seventeen year old regular She-Wolf.   She is the chosen one. 

 Dark secrets will be unraveled and the world of the Supernatural will never be the same again.

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JessSaysBlehh JessSaysBlehh Dec 22, 2012
@Natsusha Hello! Thank you for reading! Lol, i know right? I had to be cautious not to use a slang or something. Anyways thanks again! Have a Merry HOT Christmas! :D
Natsusha Natsusha Dec 22, 2012
Cool story! Ahh the difference of spelling between American and the Australian's :P Oh well, if i was Mackenzie i'd slap their faces, but it's you're character, keep writing and keep up the good work Merry Christmas :)