The Prince's Slave

The Prince's Slave

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Alicia By AliciaRaquel Completed

Marnie Belle Collins was a normal girl with a normal life, except that she is a slave with a vampire master. Her parents were killed when she was young and she was taken away. After being sold into slavery at a young age, she would serve her master well. When she turns 18, she would be amongst a fair few of the other female slaves to be handpicked to be personal slaves, tending to whatever the master requires. 

Silas Zephyr was the prince of his kingdom. In order for Silas to rule as a king, he must take a wife of noble blood, and pronounce her as queen. He was known for being ruthless and without feeling. Many females had perished because of his appetite. When he sees Marnie, everything changes inside of him.

It is not until he meets Marnie, that Silas feels a pull toward her. Marnie is a scared young girl in eye of a ruthless vampire prince. But she also feels the pull and is not sure how to handle it. When the find each other there is an undeniable connection. He isn't sure if he can control his behavior around her and Marnie is unsure if she can trust him....he is a vampire after all.

  • horror
  • love
  • romance
  • vampire
  • warriors
  • werewolf