Damaged System

Damaged System

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xxXCarlGrimesXxx By xxXCarlGrimesXxx Updated Jul 04, 2016

" Elsie. Are you gonna be much longer. You've been in there for hours! " my brother Jace yelled. I had only been in the shower for twenty minutes and I was already being hurried. 

" Im just washing my hair Jace. Hold on! " 

" You were washing your hair the last time I asked you " he groaned. I heard him lean his back against the bathroom door. 

" That's because the last time you asked was five minutes ago !" I yelled. He always does this. He thinks that because he is older he has the right to boss me around. I swear if he pisses me off anymore I'm going to shift into my Wolf and attack him. God sometimes I really wish I was old enough to shift. I have to wait until my sixteenth birthday. Then I'll be old enough to shift safely. Just as I'm fantisizing about my first shift, Jace begins to hit his fist on the door, getting louder and louder each time. 

"Jace stop it. You're gonna bust the door down! " 

I finished washing the conditioner out of my hair and turned the shower off. I wr...

AlexiaJMorgenstern AlexiaJMorgenstern Apr 21, 2017
Every time I hear the name jace I'm thinking of Jace from mortal Instruments n Clary when he thought she was his sister
DC-C_lover DC-C_lover Aug 10, 2017
Every time I hear jace I think of the older brother from pretty little liars and I'm not even sure I that is his name on the show but I think it is 😕
Arraxus Arraxus Jul 04, 2016
If a werewolf in human form has intercourse with a werewolf in wolf form... Is it still bestiality?
CoconutXVkook CoconutXVkook Apr 17, 2016
Is it just me that that happens to like I'm trying to rinse out conditioner and that's when people decide its okay to try and get me to come out
Arraxus Arraxus Jul 04, 2016
What's the difference between shampoo and conditioner other then the fact Shampoo reminds us of a certain killer whale.
Arraxus Arraxus Jul 04, 2016
Yay a bunch of horny boys and cake... What every mother wants for her daughter