Ice on Fire

Ice on Fire

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meizuru By meizuru Updated Aug 04, 2015

It's cold on my back. My pajamas are slightly wet but I keep my eyes close. I shift uncomfortably from the hard and freezing cold floor. I'm not in my normal bed, that's for sure. But I don't know where I'm right now. 

There's some whispers when I frown when I'm still sleeping.

"Who's that girl."  One deep voice said. A man.

"She's sleeping." Another said, a woman perhaps. 

"She's wearing very less... She'll catch cold." The man says.

I'm certainly annoyed by the noise around me. Why can't they let me sleep? I'm tired. I let out a groan. 

"Oh, she's awake." The woman said. "Can anyone bring her up, oh and she's not even wearing socks."

The coolness comes up to my feet. I pull up my knees and doesn't even cares about my dress being uneven. Or even my panties being seen.

Suddenly, the place became bright with some lights on. I frown again and sit up. I try to support my self by putting my hand on the ground when I found out I'm on ice because I slipped. I woke from  shock and sur...

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