You're Not Alone (Percy Jackson/X-Men)

You're Not Alone (Percy Jackson/X-Men)

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Miriah Burns By Miriah_B Updated Oct 25

Percy Jackson never expected to fight in a war, much less two. When he was thrust into a world full of monsters and gods, and told that he had to save the world when he turned 16, he did so, making, and losing, friends in the process. 

Then when he was 18, he was told that he would have save the world again, and this time, from itself. He did so, and the cage inside him breaks, releasing the shadows within. He expects it to be a one time thing, but when the love of his life dies and he blames himself, it becomes apparent that that isn't the case. With the only thing that held him together gone, he doesn't know what to do, and is slowly loosing himself.  

When a group of weird people, and a few old friends, approach him and try to help him, will he accept their help, and maybe, just maybe, be fixed? Or will the shadows consume him, take him over, and another evil be reborn from the ashes? 

Well, I guess that all depends on whether or not the world needs a hero. Whether or not the world needs PercyJackson.

I was totally into Percy Jackson so I thought he means charles beckendorf but yeah... Now i understand 😅
Well that's........hmmmm.......what's the word.........comforting.....ah yes comforting.
Hadesworld Hadesworld Jul 22
If Percy was evil everything would be obliterated probably, but part of what makes Percy so powerful is his character.
Am I the only one who likes Cyclops? Only one? Okay i'll just go in my room and look at Cyclops stuff. Bye.
Grammar point: (sorry it really bugs me) for the part in the brackets: Storm, Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, Beast, Nightctawler, Shadowcat, Jean and I.
                              Sorry if you find this annoying, I'm not trying to be mean, rude, offensive or annoying or anything else negative
Percy says no, Nico says nope, Jason says naw, Thalia says get the hades away from me boy